Semiconductor materials produced by Hansol Chemical


High-k Precursor

High-k materials are designed to overcome a decreased volume of capacitors due to the trend of semiconductor microfabrication.

k: dielectric constant

Application Capacitor or gate/high-k thin film

Silicon Precursor

Silicon precursor is designed to form a semiconductor pattern of less than 30nm and to acheive a high aspect ratio, which can precisely control the thickness using ALD equipment. Due to the scaling of the semiconductor line width, the resistance increases and the semiconductor performance deteriorates. High integration and high speed of semiconductors require insulating materials with low dielectric constant.

Application SiO2/SiN and Low-k thin films

Electrode & Metal Precursor

Ti, Ta, Ru, and Nb materials are used or researched for electrodes and diffusion barriers. As the metal wiring line becomes finer and the process changes, changes in the material are also required.

Application Wiring, electrodes, and diffusion barriers


Lee Hyun-jae Manager