LiB materials produced by Hansol Chemical

Anode Binder

Anode binder is a product that bonds the anode active material and copper foil in Lithium ion battery. Recently, electric vehicles and IT devices require various high-performance features such as high-capacity and fast-charging characteristics, and we have wide range of products for each customer needs.

Application Long-life cycle, fast-charging for electric vehicles batteries / IT batteries for mobile phones and tablet PCs


Park Hong-yeon Assistant Manager

Separator Binder

This is a binder which is core material for improving the performance in LiB separators. Hansol Chemical produces a variety of products to provide high thermal stability, low resistance of separators and improve the manufacturing processability of batteries as well.

Application Separators of high-capacity electric vehicle batteries


Kim Tae-hyun Manager

Si Anode Material

The demand for higher capacity and fast charging is also increasing these days, according to massive expansion of EV and relating market demands. Hansol Si anode is next generaion material for LiB. We have achieved high-capacity, long-life cycle performance and mass-production facility as well.

Application Long-life cycle, high-power electric vehicle battery


Kim Heung-soon Manager

CNT Dispersant

There are trends to apply high-performance conductive materials such as CNT to improve the ion mobility of electrode, but it is not easy to be dispersed, so there are needs for better dispersant now. Hansol product has the advantage of improving cycle life and output performance at high temperature based on its high dispersion and low viscosity.

Application Long-life cycle, high-power electric vehicle batteries


Kim Heung-soon Managere