Report on Violations of Ethical Management


    Notice of report on violations of ethical management

    The "Report on Violations of Ethical Management" is a channel to anonymously report on misconduct or good deeds committed by the executives or employees of Hansol Chemical.

    This helpline was established to ensure ethical values and integrity of the organization, which thoroughly guarantees the anonymity of the informant.

    Subjects to report include actions against the ethical standards and integrity of the organization, employee grievances; and suggestions, opinions, and ideas for building a culture of integrity. For further details, please refer to the report types below:

    Please state the details clearly and specifically using the Five W's and One H approach by referring to the examples of each item below. If possible, attach the reference such as evidence or source of verification, for a quick confirmation of the facts and other actions.

    In addition, note that a report will not be processed if it is difficult to verify the facts; in the case of a simple complaint; or unfounded slander.


    Hansol Chemical

    e.g. [Hong Gil-dong, Director of Accounting Department, Hansol Chemical (Name of organization)]: If there are multiple people involved, please report on all of them.

    e.g. 3 p.m., June 1, 2012: About a week ago, about a month ago, about a year ago

    If it is difficult to specify a place, please write down the place or the process of work in which it usually takes place.

    Attachments cannot exceed 100 MB.

    Upload the user information after deleting the user information in the properties of the file to be attached. [Right-click on the file > Properties > Details > Remove properties and personal information]

    ※ If there are multiple files, please compress them and remove special characters from the file name.