Hansol Chemical is looking for outstanding talents to share our dreams with.


Hansol Chemical pursues an organizational culture for performance-oriented fair HR management and value enhancement so that its employees can best exert their capabilities.

Work-life balance to achieve personal happiness and high performance simultaneously

  • A variety of systems including flexible work and telecommuting
  • Refresh vacation (five paid days off work), vacation bonus
  • Recreation center for employees
  • Support for employees’ club activities
  • Family day events
  • Family care vacation/leave, maternity leave, parental leave

Family care vacation/leave, maternity leave, parental leave

  • Welfare bonus points
  • Support for medical expenses (for employees, their spouses and children, separate from health insurance benefits)
  • Support for comprehensive medical examination (for employees and their spouses)
  • Support for educational expenses (for employees’ children in kindergarten, middle school, high school, and college)

Sustainable growth through challenges and learning

  • Securing expertise through special training for MBA, master’s, and doctoral degrees
  • Support for language education expenses to secure global competitiveness
  • Support for participation fees in international forums, conferences, seminars, etc.

A company that strives toward a farther future with shared dreams

  • Support for mortgage interest
  • Support for personal pensions
  • Long-service awards
  • Dormitory, commuter buses
  • Support for family events (congratulatory and condolence leaves, congratulations and condolence expenses, funeral services)