Sustainability Management

Hansol Chemical pursues sustainable development through the integration of economic, social, and environmental values.

Ethical Management

Code of Ethics Hansol Chemical

Hansol Chemical remains committed to the transparent and ethical entrepreneurial spirit it has preserved to this day since its founding with devotion to customers, shareholders, and society. All executives and staff of Hansol Chemical are committed to the Code of Ethics and its practical guidelines for executives and employees as a foundation on which to faithfully execute all their duties.

  • A commitment of executives and employees to ethical management.
  • Declaration of a pledge to maintain the transparent and ethical entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Specific and measurable commitments and attitudes to stakeholders.
  • Shareholders, investors, customers, competitors and suppliers, employees, and society.
  • Employee Conduct Guidelines
  • Detailed instructions developed to help employees implement ethical management based on ethical thinking

Code of Ethics

  • Commitment to shareholders and investors
  • Commitment to customers
  • Commitment to competitors and partners
  • Commitment to society

Business Conduct Guidelines

  • Basic ethics at work
  • Fair trade
  • Prohibition of inappropriate conduct
  • Utilization and protection of information and intangible assets
  • Role of Hansol Chemical in society

Report of violations of ethical management

User guide

All stakeholders of Hansol Chemical Group including executives and employees, suppliers, purchasers, customers, and shareholders may report any illegal or corrupt activities by executives and staff members of Hansol Chemical.


Reports can be made by real name or anonymously, however, it is recommended to report in real name to ensure accurate ascertainment of facts.


A report will not be processed if it is difficult to verify the fact or in the case of a false report, or unfounded slander.


The progress and result of the receipt will be notified by email (if entered via Mail-In entry), and they are also available on this screen.

Subject to report

You may report the following acts by executives and staff members.

  • Receiving money, goods (money, gifts), or entertainment exceeding the normal range from internal and external stakeholders in regard to the job
  • Using the position to gain undue benefits from stakeholders or causing undue damage to stakeholders
  • Using the position to gain undue benefits from stakeholders or causing undue damage to stakeholders
  • Intentional or gross negligence that causes a business obstacle or dispute, or causes a significant loss to the company
  • Other unethical illegal acts, such as unfair trade practices, discriminatory (unfair) acts, and leaks of non-public information

Whistleblower protection

We guarantee strict confidentiality so that you do not receive any disadvantages due to reporting.

  • In principle, the identity of the reporter and the contents of the report will be kept strictly confidential according to the security policy.
  • Confidentiality is guaranteed for the reporter and the contents of the report in the process of checking the facts of the report and reward/punishment.
  • Any act that causes disclosure of the identity of the reporter and the contents of the report are subject to punishment.
Identity guarantee
  • Executives and employees shall not give any personnel-related or other disadvantages to the reporter in relation to the reporting.
  • If the reporter’s identity is exposed and it is deemed necessary, he/she may notify the audit department and the ethics department and request protection of his/her identity.
  • The audit department and ethics department that received the request for protection of identity will respect the whistleblower’s willingness and take all possible protective measures (position change, etc.).
Liability reduction

An executive or employee who reports any illegal or corrupt acts related to himself/herself will be exempted from liability through sufficient extenuating circumstances.