Display materials produced by Hansol Chemical


Quantum dot (QD) is a self-luminous nano-particle that emits light in various colors and high-purity colors depending on the particle size. Based on these properties, it is used in various fields including displays, solar cells, and medical (inspection).

Application Light-emitting materials for display (LCD, OLED, Micro LED, etc.) Displays, LED lights, solar cells, medical testers, and sensors, etc.


James Sim Assistant Manager


Low-viscosity ink-jet resin is designed to replace the existing various material parts. It helps to reduce the weight and cost of next-generation electronic products.

Application Optical materials for display panels


Hee-joon Oh Assistant Manager

Functional Resin

Functional UV resin is designed to complement technologies. It is equipped with functions including moisture-proof insulation, impact resistance, and light-leakage prevention depending on the product and use.

Application OLED mobile devices, LCD displays, micro LED TVs


Eun-seo Eom Assistant Manager