Hansol Chemical is devoted to increasing shareholders’ profits through its principles of value-based, responsible, and transparent management.

Matters concerning board of directors

BoD Composition (Registered Directors)

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PositionFull-time employment statusName Appointment date Term of officeResponsibilitiesLiability insurance subscription status
Executive directors Full-timePark Won-hwan March 23, 20223 years CEO Registered
Full-timeCho Yeon-ju March 24, 2021 3 years Strategic Planning ManagerRegistered
Full-timeHan Jang-anMarch 23, 20223 years CFO / CHRO / CSORegistered
Non-executive directors Part-timeLee Won-jun March 25, 20203 years AuditorRegistered
Part-timeKim Sol March 23, 20223 years AuditorRegistered
Part-timePark Jin-won June 27, 20223 years AuditorRegistered
Status of Committees within the Board of Directors

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Committee name Executive directors Non-executive directorsMain functions Remarks
Audit committeezero person3 personsEfficiency of management
Resolution of delegated matters concerning BoD